The Stolen Princess characters come to life thanks to AR

The Stolen Princess characters come to life thanks to AR
24 January 2019

Three unique product types with AR – jigsaw puzzles, books and coloring books – were created based on The Stolen Princess (Animagrad), a Ukrainian cartoon with the biggest box office ever.

Signal Red which is a part of FILM.UA Group, has developed MonticolAR, an app for Smart Koala. This is an AR app thanks to which still objects gain shape and volume in real world, i.e. come alive right from the image. Thanks to these cutting-edge technologies Mila, Ruslan, Hamster Vinnytsky, Chornomor and other characters of The Stolen Princess can interact with a child, share their feelings and tell stories in three languages (Ukrainian, Russian, English). 

These interactive experiences are designed for children aged two and up to develop their creative and spatial thinking along with emotional intelligence, to improve cognition skills, and to motivate for exploration of the world around them. So that as many children as possible could get immersed in the world of The Stolen Princess with the help of AR technologies, three types of AR products were made: AR jigsaw puzzles, AR books, and AR coloring books. 

  1. Jigsaw puzzles. This category includes eight sets of puzzles. Each set is a separate cartoon character, a separate adventure taking place in locations and circumstances known from the cartoon. Except the character you can choose one of three regimes to interact with him/her and also the language he/she speaks (Ukrainian, Russian or English).

 To use puzzles, you need to do the following:

- download MonticolAR app from AppStore or Google Play Market; 

- choose favorite characters and purchase objects with them in children’s store chains;

- assemble jigsaw puzzles;

- point your mobile device camera to the image, and the character will come to life with the help of the downloaded AR app. You can make him/her move by swiping the screen. 

  1. Book. On ten pages of the book about The Stolen Princess characters the young reader will meet ten characters and learn ten interesting stories. You only have to point a smartphone or a tablet camera to Ruslan, Dragon, Chornomor and other characters and thanks to MonticolAR downloaded app they will come to life directly from book pages.
  2. Coloring book. Apart from jigsaw puzzles and books, MоnticolAR app gives life to fairytale characters in coloring books as well. The children are in not just for fun practice in drawing but also for logical games, quests, problems and captivating stories from The Stolen Princess characters.

Just like with jigsaw puzzles and the book, to use the coloring book you’ll need to download MonticolAR app free of charge from Google Play Market or AppStore.

One coloring book includes the following:

- 9 coloring riddles;

- 16 stories from characters;

- 24 coloring images with AR;

- 24 augmented reality images.

You can already purchase all these products in chain stores like Antoshka, Rozetka, Pampik, and Dom Igrushek. 

Soon jigsaw puzzles, books and coloring books will be available for purchase in FILM.UA Store, which will be announced separately on our social media accounts.