30 January 2019

On January 28 an advertising campaign from Rastishka TM (Danone group) starts on air of children’s TV channels and on the Internet; its videos were created by FILM.UA Group/Play Production together with Animagrad studio.

In the new advertising campaign of Rastishka brand titled “Gather stickers and open up superpowers” Dino the dinosaur familiarizes the audience with little magic monsters, each possessing a superpower – brushing teeth, cleaning a room, eating healthy food, etc. According to the rules of the campaign, Rastishka yoghurt packaging has monster stickers activated by a specially developed AR app. You only have to point the screen of a smartphone or a tablet to the sticker, and with the help of this AR app the monster will “come to life” and share its superpower.  

To bring these activities to the youngest consumers, Danone marketing team together with Y&R creative agency, FILM.UA Group/Play Production and Animagrad animation studio developed and created several memorable advertising videos about superpowers of Strongman, Tooth, Tidy, etc. These and other supermonsters together with Dino discover real superpowers for kids in each yoghurt pack and motivate them to learn useful habits.  

Participation in this project became another serious challenge for FILM.UA Group/Play Production and Animagrad, as within the time limits of an advertising video we had to present the details of Rastishka campaign in a smart, dynamic, captivating and clear manner. The director was Oleg Malamuzh, also known for his direction of the most successful Ukrainian animation The Stolen Princess.  It is worth nothing that except creating animated video content, the advertising production also made a sound recording for it.  This work became an addition to the list of commercial advertising videos produced in ILM.UA Group with the help of Animagrad. Before, we created advertising content for such brands as lifecell, San Sanych, Prostokvashyno, Kozatska Rozvaga, etc.

Production of animated videos for Rastishka brand became another important case for FILM.UA Group advertising production vector. We had two tasks before us that had to be fulfilled: high quality of 3D animation and meeting a very tight deadline. The video was produced by Animagrad studio, which is a part of FILM.UA Group. Animagrad employs incredibly talented experts who mesmerize not only Ukraine but also the whole world with their works (The Stolen Princess, work in progress on Mavka. The Forest Song). The director of animated videos for Rastishka brand was Oleg Malamuzh who also directed The Stolen Princess,” says Yulia Pylypenko, head of sponsorship at FILM.UA Group.   

“The mission of Rastishka brand is to bring up a healthy generation of Ukrainians and to teach them the habits of healthy eating from the earliest age. Each promo collection from Rastishka helps our youngest consumers and their parents learn interesting and useful facts about the world around them and find out something new for themselves,” says Natalya Savchenko, marketing manager for Rastishka and Danone group licensed brands.

You can watch the advertising video if you follow this link.